Search for Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Enjoy the beautiful countryside as you search for the “perfect” Christmas Tree.  The crisp air and the magnificent views of the Blue Ridge Mountains will make your search unforgettable. Bring the entire family, stroll through acres of different varieties of trees and make a memory to last a lifetime! 

We Have Several Types of Trees

Valley Star Farm has a variety of tree heights, including the popular 6-7 feet.  You may pick from White Pine, Norway Spruce, Canaan Fir, Concolor Fir and Douglas Fir.

You Cut or We Will Cut for You

You and your family are sure to find that perfect tree for your holiday celebration.  And, if you don’t want to venture into the fields, we have fresh cut trees available.  We can also cut your tree for you and bring it in from the field.  Don’t forget–we also offer FREE shaking and bagging for your convenience, as you take your tree home.  The helpful staff at Valley Star Farm will assist you in any way possible.

Choose & Cut Trees

  • Most trees in our fields are 6 to 7 ft.
  • Spruce and Fir in our fields are TBD plus sales tax with those under 6 feet tall TBD/foot.
  • White Pines are TBD plus sales tax with those under 6 feet tall TBD/foot.
  • Fresh cut trees individually priced.
  • No charge for shaking and wrapping.
  • We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Holiday Decorations

Sherry creates beautiful wreaths, centerpieces, swags, bows and more. She can custom design them specially for you while you wait!

Trees for Troops

Thanks to all who have joined with us over the past years to support Trees For Troops. You can contribute directly to this awesome program by clicking HERE.  We also have donation forms at our farm.